Seniors Applying for Housing Choice Vouchers

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Housing Choice Voucher Program is mainly helpful for low-income families and those who are disabled. Housing Choice Voucher helps low-income seniors, families and disabled people find the most affordable and safe housing in their locality.

The Housing Choice Voucher will be issued by the Local Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) only to the qualified families.

Housing Choice Voucher Program is normally funded by the Federal Department of Urban Development (HUD), and it also works along with the Public Housing Agency.

Housing Choice Voucher Program is widely helpful for subsidized housing projects, and eligible families could easily choose them.

Who To Contact About Available Programs In Your Area?

Housing Choice Voucher Program offers the best housing assistance based on Section 8 Vouchers for low-income families. Housing Choice Vouchers are mainly useful for the family to pay for housing.

Based on the household income and family size, the recipients can choose the housing that meets their required program.

Housing Choice Voucher Program is mainly subjected to that of a wide number of Federal regulations with the PHAs. In fact, these could mainly affect the value of the voucher. Some of the important factors to be considered are

  • Maximum rental subsidy to pay
  • Families are admitted into the program.
  • Vouchers will be attached to specific structures.
  • Used for homeownership

Eligibility. Income, Age, Citizen, Rental History, Etc.

Both Family and Unit need to meet the program requirement. This is mainly useful for renting the property unit with HCV.

Households who are participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program would be mainly helpful for getting the household income below 80% of area median income in both the metropolitan area and Nonmetropolitan County. Every individual needs to meet basic criteria that include

Family Status – Citizen needs to be eligible to receive Section 8 that meets the HUD of family. The HUD is set general guidelines for defining the Public Housing Authority- PHA.

Familial status of the individual or a group of people needs to meet the following conditions:

  • With or without children
  • Where individuals in the household have a disability
  • Where one individual is over the age of 62
  • Where individuals in the household have a disability
  • Displaced from their home

Income Level – Section 8 eligibility have a requirement in the income level. Section 8 has been processed to help the lower-income individuals afford to house.

Housing Choice Voucher Program qualify with yearly income and sets the limits on broken with

  • Extremely Low Income – 30% of the area’s median income level
  • Very Low Income – 50% of the area’s median income level
  • Low Income – 80% of the area’s median income level

How Family’s Income Calculated?

It is also quite important to determine the yearly income of the family and eligible according to Section 8. Income source is included with calculating family’s income

  • Salary
  • Overtime Pay
  • Commission
  • Child Support
  • Unemployment
  • Social Security
  • Pension

Citizenship Status Requirement – Section 8 Vouchers granted to American citizens for eligible immigrant status.

How To Apply?

  • You must first determine if the application is open on the application page
  • Dedicated application during the year (January) during which you may apply
  • Fill out the form with your personal information.
  • Submit it
  • Fill appropriate contact, income, and background information.
  • Attach copies of documents
    • Income verification
    • Proof of citizenship

Housing Choice Vouchers is helpful for the public to find suitable housing in the most efficient way easily.

Seniors can simply use their voucher towards dwellings and suitable for extensively saving their cost for the housing in the country.

What To Do After Applying, What Happens?

Housing Choice Vouchers offers housing assistance suitable for senior citizens. For applying for this scheme, it is important to find the local PHA and learn about the Section 8 voucher rules.

  • Apply for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program
  • The applicant would be placed on the waiting list (may take 1 to 2 years)
  • Applicant can choose required project-based vouchers
  • When the applicant is approved for the tenant-based voucher, it is easier for choosing the home or apartment
  • Search for the Housing Choice Vouchers at properties that accept Section 8 vouchers
  • Check whether the house or apartment meets the Section 8 requirements
  • PHAs will pay a certain portion of the rent when the property is approved
  • When the applicant is approved for Housing Choice Vouchers, then PHA refers applicant for the project-based assistance property owner
  • The applicant will be screened then later accepted by the property owner
  • PHA pays the portion of the rent

What Is The Amount Housing Choice Vouchers Pays?

Normally, the amount for renting the Housing Choice Vouchers would be covered with the standard payment that has been set by the housing agency.

Payment standards are set from 90% to 110% of fair market rent. It would be estimated by the HUD. Normally, the amount would be covering the rent and utility costs of moderately priced housing units.

The amount that Housing Choice Vouchers pays would be based on

  • Payment standard
  • Actual rent
  • Utility costs of the housing unit
  • Family’s annual “adjusted income”

When the rent and utility costs are lower than those of payment standards, then the family needs to pay about 30% of adjusted income. Therefore, the voucher covers the remaining cost.

When rent and utility costs exceed payment standards, then Housing Choice Vouchers covers payment standard reduces 30% of family’s income. Therefore, the family pays the rest.

What To Do Once Accepted?

Senior citizens could easily apply for the Housing Choice Vouchers at the agency that administers the voucher program. When your voucher is accepted, then it is an easier option for viewing the waiting list for receiving the voucher.

  • When you have applied for the Housing Choice Vouchers, then the application would be thoroughly verified and registered on the waiting list.
  • When you receive the Housing Choice Vouchers, then you can either use it for paying the rent on the current unit, or you can rent the different unit
  • When you identify a residential unit, the housing agency will inspect the unit to determine that it meets the quality standards of the voucher program’s housing.


Housing Choice Vouchers offers seniors and people with disabilities for securing affordable homes that meet all needs. It is flexible aid for meeting diverse needs.

It also mainly helps households to afford a decent home in the community for expanding funding. The Voucher households’ rent would be set with 30% on income and level quite affordable for living the low fixed incomes.

Housing Choice Vouchers allow the seniors to choose a wide range of housing types as well as locations.

  • I’m a 66 year old senior citizen with health issues and disabled with cancer heart condition diabetes pherial neoraphty asthma rumotiod arithrist I don’t have a place to live anymore the owners sold the house and property and gave me two weeks to move I didn’t have a money saved up so I became homeless and with my health issues no shelters would take a risk with me so these wonderful people found me and gave me a temporary place until I find a home so if I can get put on your list or the application for a housing voucher or a direction to help me thanks Frank

    • Frank, we are sorry to hear of your troubles. We think you should contact your local HUD office by clicking here

      select your state and give the nearest office a call and express your concerns. They will be able to tell you what your best options are.

      You can also check out our article I Need Emergency Housing. and The Steps to Section 8. Contacting your nearest Housing Authority would be a great idea for you too. Best of luck!

  • I am living in a HUD housing apt. in Takoma Park, Md. But my son lives in Winchester, VA. and would like for me to be closer to him and the family. I tried Winchester’s Housing Authority line, but the recording said they were not accepting any applications for some time. Can you suggest any locations nearby and how I could get in touch with them?? Thank you for your time, Susan Lange, age 69

    • Hi Susan,

      Great question, I think we can help. We wrote an article that will explain how to use HUD’s resource finder to locate Housing Authorities in any location.
      Read this article, it’s really quite simple and very helpful. Best of luck!

  • Hi! I am 64, single, disabled woman with very low income. I am able to function on my own but still need some amenities . Right now I rent a room, which takes up more than half of my income. I have filled out every form on every site that I found for help. I need rent assistance to help with back rent and help in securing a place to live under section 8, or 811, rent to own, I need help. Thank you very much

    • Hi Deborah, Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. We can sympathize with your concerns, your situation is very challenging and your concerns are valid.

      I hope I can be of service! Based on your comment it sounds like Section 202 might be a good option for you if you haven’t already applied.

      You can read all about it in our article How to Apply for Section 202

      You will need to contact your local Multifamily field office. Click Here for a Map of offices and contact the office nearest to you.

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