How to Add Someone to Your Section 8 Voucher

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Are you wondering how to add someone to section 8 voucher? While living with a section 8 housing choice vouchers, you may want to include someone new to your voucher. You may need to add a Family-related or not, in your household voucher for different reasons like getting married or your children turning 18. 

We’ve written this article based on our personal experience, to provide answers to important questions regarding adding someone to your section 8 voucher.

What Happens You Get Married While on Section 8?

As a general rule, whoever you choose to live with, whether it’s your spouse or not, will need to meet the eligibility requirements and be approved by the public housing authority. To add a spouse to your voucher, you must contact the PHA office that manages your voucher and provide the personal information of your spouse, such as name, date of birth, social security number and income information. Provide documents to help the PHA verify the provided information.

Your PHA will then review and verify the information in the same way that they review all household members on the application. It is important to note that income of your spouse will be calculated towards your household income. Your spouse will then also need to sign the current lease and be approved by the landlord that you are renting from. 

If you are still in the process of applying, you must contact the office or all offices to which you sent your application.

 Please note that failure to inform the PHA of any household changes can be considered fraud.  If the PHA finds that the marital status of a household holding a Section 8 housing voucher has changed without notification, the recipient may lose their voucher, be permanently prohibited from rental assistance in the future and even face legal consequences.

Can Section 8 be Transferred to Another Family Member?

A section 8 voucher can be transferred to another family member only if the family member lives with you under section 8 and is listed as co-head of house. Transferring a section 8 voucher to a member not listed as co-head is usually not possible except in certain instances like the death of the household head.

What Happens to Section 8 Voucher if Head of Household Dies?

What happens to section 8 voucher if the head of household dies varies according to the housing authority.However, in most cases, either another adult member takes over, or a family member outside the voucher takes over when only minors are remaining, or a temporary guardian is employed in the absence of any other adult.

Ideally, the housing authority will ask for a proof of death before taking any action. The new head of house will be required to sign a new lease with the updated information.

In the unfortunate event that the head of a household dies, it’s always best to contact the housing authority to learn the next steps.

Section 8 Rules on Getting Married to a Felon

Suppose you get married to a felon while on section 8, your spouse may not qualify to be added to your voucher. This heavily depends on the nature of the crime committed.

Section 8 does not give vouchers to felons convicted as lifetime sex offenders or for producing methamphetamine in federal housing.

Other kinds of felons may be accepted on different grounds. The crime must have been committed at least 5 years ago, or 10 years in some counties.

If your spouse was convicted for a crime less than 5 years ago, they may still be accepted if they’re currently on rehabilitation. The best thing to do is to contact the housing authority to be sure of the rules.

Do not attempt living with your felon spouse without the notice of your housing authority. Your voucher could be terminated and what’s worse, you may never qualify to get another one.

Can I Transfer My Section 8 to My Daughter?

A situation like this really depends on the housing authority in your area.

While section 8 vouchers are normally not transferable, the rules in some areas may allow you to transfer your voucher to another adult member within your household, and in most cases, only the co-head of the household.

You, however, cannot transfer your voucher to a family member, not on your section 8 lease contract, except in special cases.

Section 8 Change Head of Household

A change of household may be permitted under certain circumstances, like if the head of household dies.

Suppose the head of household only decides to move out for any reason, if approved by the housing authority, the section 8 voucher may be transferred to the co-head.

Adding someone to your section 8 voucher depends on a lot of factors. Generally, the person you wish to add must be eligible and approved by the housing authority.

Although section 8 cannot be transferred, the head of the household may be transferred under particular circumstances.  We suggest that you get in touch with the housing authority to discuss any changes you wish to make in your household.

Section 8 FAQs

Can Section 8 be transferred to another family member?

No, Section 8 cannot be transferred to another family member. Your voucher is non-transferable. However, in some cases, such as the head of household passing away, housing authorities may allow a transfer to the other spouse or another adult who will become the head of household.

How long does it take to add someone to a Section 8 voucher?

After you submit forms to your housing authority to add someone to your Section 8 voucher, it can take anywhere between a few weeks and a few months to process the application. This is based on your eligibility and factors such as whether you submitted all of the appropriate documents with your application.

What happens to the Section 8 voucher if the head of household dies/what happens when someone dies on Section 8?

If the head of household dies, if there was one remaining family member, it might be transferred to that family member who will be able to maintain the existing lease. If there is no existing family member to whom the voucher can be transferred, the contract will automatically terminate upon death.

Can I add my boyfriend to my Section 8 voucher?

Adding a boyfriend to your Section 8 voucher is contingent upon their eligibility. A boyfriend or girlfriend must provide a social security card and identification as well as income documentation and pass a criminal background check. If they also qualify, they can be added.

Can you be married on Section 8?

Yes you can be married on Section 8. Every housing authority in a given county will determine the median income based on that area. Married couples with an income below the threshold of that county can qualify for housing assistance.

How do I add someone to my Section 8 voucher?

You must submit a written form from your county, to the Housing Authority. Each county will supply its form. Fill out the form and attach any necessary documentation. Submit this to the Housing Authority for approval before you have a new family member move in.

Who can live with you in Section 8?

If you are the head of household and have Section 8 housing, you can have your children, grandchildren, spouse or domestic partner, parent, or grandparent live with you, so long as you submit written requests to your Housing Authority before they move in with you (and receive approval).

What are the Section 8 rules on getting married to a felon?

You are free to marry whomever you like. You must report your new spouse’s felony record to the Housing Authority. The Housing Authority will also require that you submit a form for approval if you are moving your new spouse into your home. If they have a history of sex offenses or drug trafficking offenses, they may not be given housing benefits even if they qualify.

Can you be married but not living together Section 8?

Yes you can be married and not living together under Section 8. In some situations, couples are married but one couple qualifies for Section 8 and the other cannot be added at present to their household which means they cannot move in. In these situations individuals may be married but living separately.

How to change the head of household on Section 8?

You can change your head of household under certain circumstances based on your housing authority. You must provide the name, birth date, social security number and address for the new head of household and submit the form electronically or in writing. Find more information here.

Can I add my sister to my Section 8 voucher?

You may add a sister to your Section 8 voucher if she qualifies as well for Section 8 housing. She will have to submit an application with all supporting identification and income documentation for approval before she moves in.

Can my boyfriend live with me on Section 8?

You may add anyone including a boyfriend if you submit a form to your Housing Authority for approval. Your boyfriend may be allowed to live with you subject to their income. If your collective income goes over the housing threshold in your area, you may not qualify for Section 8 anymore.

Can Section 8 be transferred/passed down to another family member or inherited after death?

No, Section 8 assistance cannot be transferred from one family member to another, nor can it be inherited after death or passed down between generations. Each individual must apply for housing assistance based on their income. In some instances if the head of household dies, the Housing Authority will allow the Section 8 benefits to be transferred to another adult within the household who can maintain the existing lease with the landlord.

Can I add my grandchild to my Section 8 voucher?

You must receive approval prior to any new family member moving into your home by completing a written form and submitting it to the Housing Authority. You may add a grandchild after submitting verification of your relationship and the appropriate Housing Authority Form.

Who can I add to my Section 8 voucher?

You may add a spouse, registered domestic partner, child, grandchild, parent, or grandparent of the head of household. You must request advanced permission in writing and receive approval from the Housing Authority before you allow new members to move in.

Can I add a child to my Section 8 voucher?

You must request advanced permission in writing by submitting a form to the Housing Authority. children may be added to your household and may result in larger voucher sizes. You must include verification of your relationship to the children when submitting your request.

How do you add someone to your housing application?

You must submit a form to your county Section 8 Housing Authority. Each form is different and can be found online for your county. You will be asked to submit the name, relationship to your head of household, current address, date of birth, and social security number for each member you are adding to your household.

Can married couples get Section 8?

Yes, married couples can get Section 8 housing assistance so long as the household income is below the designated threshold. The housing authority will typically designate this based on the median income of the area where the couple lives and state that a married couple may not have more than 50% of that median household income.

What is the process for adding a child to Section 8?

In order to add a child to Section 8 you must fill out the appropriate change of household form with your Housing Authority and provide evidence of their relationship to you. Once approved, this may or may not impact the assistance you receive.

What happens if you get married while on Section 8?

If you are in Section 8 housing and get married, you must submit a written form to request that your new spouse or partner be given approval to live with you. This form comes from the Housing Authority in your county. Married couples may still qualify for Section 8 housing assistance so long as their joint income falls below the designated threshold for a couple.

Can I add a friend to my Section 8 voucher?

No you may not add your friend to your Section 8 voucher. They must apply for Section 8 housing on their own.

Can you give/transfer your Section 8 voucher to someone else?

No, you cannot give or transfer your Section 8 voucher to someone else. These vouchers are for you and you alone.

Can you adopt a child on Section 8?

Yes, you can adopt a child if you are in Section 8 housing legally, however being in Section 8 may inhibit your approval through adoption agencies.

How do I remove someone from my Section 8 voucher?

When there is any change to your household, including removing someone, you must submit a written form to the Housing Authority about the change in your family size. You must fill out a written form or file an in person report that updates the changes to your family status.

How long can someone stay with you on Section 8?

HUD rules state that if you are in Section 8 housing, a guest is not allowed to stay with you for more than a total of 21 days per year.

What happens to my section 8 when my child turns 18 and moves out?

f you are on Section 8 and your child turns 18, they become an adult living in the apartment but they won’t be listed on the lease agreement. Even though a person stops being a minor when they turn 18, they are still your child and may still be in school or financially dependent.

However, if they move out and you previously had them listed as part of your Section 8 housing application, you will need to submit a change form. This is the same form used for reporting any change to your family size and can be acquired at your county Housing Authority office.

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