About Us


Keep Pushing Cost Back in a privately owned non-government site. Our team of researches and writers focus on providing helpful information and resources for low-income seniors and families. We hope to help our readers get the help they need financially through a variety of assistance programs that they are eligible to receive. We share our experience with the application processes for assistance programs of all types. Housing, medical, cash assistance and benefit programs can be overwhelming to understand and apply for. We strive to help our readers understand what benefit programs can help them and provide them with our experience and knowledge in understanding and applying for these programs .

We believe that our readers will be able to avoid some of the frustration and trial and error while trying to qualify to receive the help they need from these programs.We hope and believe that our information will help our readers. However, we must be clear that we are not affiliated or endorsed by any government agency. In all cases we encourage our readers to contact their local, state and federal government to begin their application process with any benefit or assistance program that may be of interests to them. We do our best to keep our information up to date and accurate but due to the fact that policies change often with assistance programs and they can differ from state to state it is impossible for us to know exactly what each reader of site must do to apply for benefits in their area. We encourage our readers to read our information, use the resources we provide and to ask us questions by leaving a comment or contacting us we will do our best to get back to you.