Section 811 Housing Assistance for Disabled

Section 811 provides affordable housing for those with Disabilities. The program can assist you by subsidizing your payments to the amount you can afford to pay. The subsidized rent amount is either  30% of your net income or 10% of gross income. 

Who Qualifies for The Section 811 Housing?

Basic Requirements

  • Any household with at least one person with a disability. Disability includes physical and developmental disabilities and mental illness.
  • A household that makes less than 50% median income in the city or county of application. Some cities or apartments may have their own income guidelines, so be sure to check your city’s housing website.
  • Some apartments require citizenship per housing guidelines but may not always be required in your city.

Single applicants and those with children can also apply for Section 811 housing.


  • Criminal Records. The severity and recency of the charge will have an impact on eligibility, but may not always disqualify you.
  • Bad rental history. Poor upkeep of your previous apartments, broken leases, or evictions.
  • Lying on the application. This is a federal crime and could land you in prison for up to 5 years.

How Do I Apply to a Section 811 Waiting List?

Applications can only be submitted while the waiting list is open.

Step 1: Call your local housing agency to learn if the applications are online or if a paper form is required. Paper forms will be available at the housing office or on their website.

Step 2: Complete your application. If you need assistance with completing your application, a social worker can help you. Your application will ask for personal information such as date of birth, full name, and social security number. You may also be expected to input your housing history, previous income, or current source of income.

Step 3: Follow your housing agency’s directions carefully and diligently. If directions are not followed, it could risk your application being terminated.

What Do I Do After Applying for a Section 811?

After applying for Section  811, you can expect a few weeks for your application to be processed. Once processed, your waitlist position will be confirmed by your property manager. Hold your record information such as position, property management, and housing office contact information, and your confirmation number.

If your waitlist time estimate is not immediate, be prepared to wait a few months to a year. During this wait, stay in contact with your housing agency and property manager. Check your waitlist status frequently and update your contact information as needed.

Once your unit is available, your property manager will send a Request to be Approved (RTA) before you can officially move in.

Your final step is to attend a final in-person interview. This could require all the adults that will be living in the unit or just the applicant. Be sure to make arrangements for this appointment in order to be on time.

What is a Section 811 Request?

A section 811 Request, is a request your property manager sends so that your unit can be inspected. Once the inspection is passed, and approved, you can finally move into your new home.

Is Section 8 and 811 the Same Thing?

No, Section 8 and 811 are two separate programs. Section 8 is subsidized housing for low-income families, and Section 811 is subsidized housing specifically for those with a disability.