How Do I Confirm That My Section 8 Application Is on the Wait-List?

Section 8 after application

5 Steps After Applying for Section 8

Applying for section 8 can be an overwhelming task. Most section 8 housing choice voucher programs have many applicants waiting on what are called “housing wait-lists” for their application to be processed and for resources to become available.
 We have written this article as a guide to help our readers know what they can do after applying to give themselves the very best chances at reaching the top of the Section 8 wait-list to qualify for a section 8 housing choice voucher. 


You Will Learn:

  • Tips on what to do after applying for Section 8
  • How to keep track of your information
  • What happens once you get confirmation of approval
  • Tips on how to confirm your section 8 application is on the wait-list


step 1 after apply section 8 Keep track of your application info.

This includes the contact info for the Housing Authority that you applied to.

  • Keep the date and time that you applied, your personal contact info you applied with, including your email address, phone number, physical address etc.
  • Keep all information about your application in a safe place that you can easily find. You will need this information!

step 2 after apply section 8 Give your Housing Authority time to process your application.

Depending on how you applied, it will take some time to process your application, it could be minutes, days or longer.

  • After applying you will receive a notice that your application has been processed or is being processed.

step 3 after apply section 8 Confirm that you are on a housing wait-list.

After applying for section 8 your Housing Authority Office will notify you that your application has been received.

This is typically done either by email or mail. You will then be given instructions that your application is on the local section 8 housing choice voucher wait-list and you will be contacted again once your application reaches the top of the wait-list.


This process can take months or years depending on the area where you applied.

However, if you applied and were never contacted about your application then you must confirm that your application is on the wait-list.

Many applicants don’t reach the wait-list due to an error with their application and need to re-apply.

Failing to confirm your wait-list status is a common but costly mistake. Many Section 8 applicants fail to confirm their application status after applying and waste valuable time.

  • Be sure to confirm that you are on the Section 8 Voucher wait-list by following this link.

🆘 If you are in need of emergency housing, check out this article: Emergency Housing Assistance

step 4 after apply section 8 Be Available and respond to all communications from the PHA

  • Be sure that the contact information that you used on your Section 8 application is still correct and that your PHA can easily reach you. If your contact information changed, be proactive about informing the PHA about any changes with your contact info.
  • Your PHA may send out a Waiting List Status Update Letter if you have been on the waiting list for a year or a considerable period of time. This letter is to confirm that your contact info is still accurate and that you are still in need of rental assistance. You must respond or you will be removed from the waiting list. 
  • Your PHA will contact you to set up a Housing Briefing Meeting once you have reached the top of the waiting list and resources are available. This meeting is to make sure you understand the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program and are ready to receive your voucher.  There may be other reasons why the PHA would need to contact you. They may have questions about your application for a variety of reasons. Please be sure to respond to all communications and notifications from the PHA that require a response.  

step 5 after apply section 8 Follow up

  • If you have any other questions about your application it is best that you contact your housing authority where you applied and ask them directly.

You don’t need to do this daily but if you are unsure about anything it is best that you don’t wait.

  • Be diligent and get your questions answered.

We are confident that if you follow these steps and pay close attention  to the directions given by your PHA that you will increase your chances of reaching the top of the housing wait list.

Leave a comment if you have any other questions about what to do after applying for section 8 and a member of our staff will respond.

    • Hi, Nazaria S! The application process for Section 8 can be a bit tedious and confusing, that’s why we wrote a guide on how to apply for Section 8, with tips to help you out along the process. Click HERE for help on applying for Section 8.

    • Hello, Donnie K!! Applying for Section 8 can be a bit tedious, but hopefully with our Steps to Section 8 Guide we can help you through it. Click HERE for the guide! Best of luck!

    • Hello, Carlos F! To verify if you’re on the waiting list for Section 8 you must contact the Public Housing Authority office where you applied to. Another option you have is to check if the PHA office has a webpage. If you would like help finding if the PHA office has a webpage, don’t hesitate to message us again. If so, please include the location of the office and we will do our best to find it for you!

    • Hello, Grace W! To check the status of your application you should contact the local housing authority where you applied. We have tips on what to do after applying for section 8 here.

    • Hola, Lorena P! Nosotros no podemos verificar su status de Seccion 8 ya que no somos afiliados a ellos. Solo estamos aqui para brindar informacion, apoyo y ayuda a las personas interesadas en solicitar el servicio. Para verificar su status en la lista debe comunicarse con la oficina de Public Housing Authority donde lleno la solicitud. La HUD tiene una herramienta que usted solo escoge el estado donde vive y le aparece una lista con todas las oficinas de PHA cercanas y su informacion de contacto. Si desea utilizar la herramienta pulse AQUI. Exito!!

  • Hola. Soy madre soltera, tengo 4 hijos y busco una vivienda de bajos ingresos. Tengo una niña con autismo y llevamos dos meses viviendo en un “shelter”.

    • Hola, Maria A! Las personas encargadas del shelter deben tener una lista de lugares donde pueda ir que le brinden ayuda. Pida el telefono de la oficina de Public Housing Authority de su area y explique su situacion a ellos. Hay ayudas especiales para personas con impedimentos. Aqui tenemos un articulo que la puede ayudar. Emergency Housing

      • I’ve been waiting for 11 years. I signed up for section 8 in 2011. I’m on oxygen and so is my wife. I check in but section 8 tells us not yet.

        • Hi, Robert W! I’m so sorry your wait has been so long. Unfortunately, the waiting lists for Section 8 housing can take years, and more so in bigger cities, due to the large volume of people applying. I suggest you contact the Public Housing Authority office where you applied and follow up. Make sure all your personal information and contact information are up to date. Best of luck!!

    • Hi, Eugenia T! To check if your application is being processed you must contact the housing agency where you applied.

    • I don’t know if I’m doing everything right but I never heard from no one. I filled out the application for section 8 and I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong or do I need more information or anything like that? I stay in Detroit Michigan and I’m looking for a home.

      • Hi, Darryl L! Unfortunately, the waiting lists for Section 8 can take years because of the high volume of people in need of assistance. I suggest you call or email the Public Housing Authority where you applied and ask them about your status. It could very well be one of the thing you mentioned! Make sure they have everything they need and that all your contact info is up to date, in case they need to contact you.

    • Hi, Sonia D! After applying and getting approved, you will be put on the waiting list and should later receive a letter or email (depending on the information you provided) letting you know your status. If you don’t receive a letter or email, you should contact the Housing Authority where you applied and make sure there weren’t any errors with your application.


    • Hi, Elisa! I’m sorry to hear that your wait has been so long! Unfortunately, Section 8 waiting lists can take years, especially in bigger cities, due to the high volume of people in need of assistance. Does the Public Housing Authority where you applied have an email you can write to? You can find Public Housing Authority offices near you with all their contact info on the HUD’s Public Housing Authority tool HERE. Once the page loads, just choose your state and it will give you a list with all the offices near you and their contact info. Best of luck!!

    • Hi, Christine E! It can be a bit difficult to get someone on the phone sometimes because of the volume of calls they receive daily, but another option you have is sending them an email. The HUD has a tool to help you find Public Housing Authorities near you and their contact info. Most Housing Authorities have an email where you can contact someone from the office directly. Keep in mind it may take them a while to reply though, due to the high volume of people applying. Click HERE for the HUD’s Public Housing Authority tool. Once the page loads, simply choose the state you live in or plan on living in and you’ll get a full list of Public Housing Authority offices in that area and their contact information.

    • ¡Hola, Teanny B! Siento mucho tu situación. Debes solicitar la ayuda de Sección 8 en una oficina de Public Housing Authority, y de vez, ver si cualifica para “emergency housing”. La HUD tiene una herramienta donde solo tienes que escoger el estado donde vives y le aparece una lista de todas las oficinas a las que puede acudir para ayuda y como contactarlos. Pulse AQUI para utilizar la herramienta. También tenemos varios artículos que la pueden ayudar durante el proceso. Pulse AQUI para leer los pasos a seguir para solicitar Sección 8.

  • Hola, me llamo Carlos y tengo 47 años trabajando y vivo con mi mamá. Quiero que me ayude con un apartamento de bajo recursos que no page mucha renta. Como me puedes ayudar? Gracias.

    • ¡¡Hola, Carlos C!! Nosotros no somos parte de Sección 8, solo brindamos información para beneficio de las personas que utilizan esta ayuda. Para información de como solicitar la ayuda de Sección 8 te invito a leer nuestro articulo informativo de Pasos Para Aplicar A Sección 8. En este articulo explicamos más a fondo las ayudas que brinda el “Public Housing Authority”, como aplicar y los documentos e información que requieren de usted para el proceso. ¡Espero haberlo ayudado y si tiene cualquier otra pregunta no dude en comentar!

    • Hi, Yolanda D! We can not update your address information since we are not part of the HUD. To inform them of your address change, you must call or email the Public Housing office where you applied to. I recommend doing so as soon as possible because the PHA needs your personal information up to date to be able to contact you if necessary.

    • Hi, Gloria! After applying for Section 8, you should receive a letter or email confirming that your application has been received, reviewed and that you’re on the waiting list. If you haven’t received anything, you should contact the Public Housing Authority where you applied and make sure there wasn’t an error in your application or verify if they need additional information to complete your application. Best of luck!

  • I really would like a Direct answer I cannot find an answer and I am really stuck in a loop hole that I can’t get out of but really need help. Thank-You

    • Hi Barbra Ann, Sorry to hear of your frustration. We can relate. We need to be clear that we provide information that we feel is important for those in need of rental assistance. All other questions about your application status need to be asked directly to your PHA or Housing Authority. We can not do that for you. Typically you can call, email, mail or go in person to ask your PHA about your application status.

  • I we love to be able to get section 8 but I don’t know how or go to a office here in Cape Coral Fl

    • Debbie, that is great news. Don’t forget to follow up on your application. We suggest following up every other month unless your PHA says otherwise. Also be sure to respond to all communications from your PHA (Public Housing Authority) After you are on the waiting list, they may contact you to confirm your contact information is current. Be sure to respond and be available! Good luck!

  • I applied for section 8 a few months ago around the beginning of the covid-19. I did lost my job and registered for some programs at the SAMMS shelter and one of those was section 8 and went thru questioning process but come to find out I never was put on the list. Since that moment I have been trying to get my unemployment for months I only received 1 stimulus check even though I filed in 2018 and 2020 and have a teenage daughtrr. I did enroll in classes to get my bachelors degree and have been attending online classes for about 8 months. Can you please double check my enrollment with section 8 please.
    Best regards
    Rudy Gnz.

    • Hi Rudy, you sound like you are doing your best. Great job at going after your bachelors and making the effort to improve your education.

      To answer your question, unfortunately only you or your case manager can check your Housing Voucher Status. You will need to contact you PHA.

      You should have their contact info from when you first applied, if you lost or misplaced it, you can search for your local PHA info HERE

    • Congrats Margie, that’s great news! Don’t forget to check your mail for any communications from you PHA

  • I received a letter that needs to be return to the PHA office on the 10th but the letter says it needs to be return by the 11th. Now that its late what do i do

    • Hi Leon, We suggest that you email or call your PHA and let them know your situation and ask them what your options are.

      We think it is very important to still send your letter in. But confirming your options with your PHA is probably the best thing you can do right now.

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