Our Research and Writing Team

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Chase G.

Chase is our senior editor. Chase has spent the past 8 years using his skills as a researcher and content writer to provide useful instructions, guides and articles that help people in need of assistance, find and apply for programs like section 8 housing choice vouchers, SNAP, TANF and many more assistant programs that you will learn about on our site. 
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Ryan W.

Ryan is a well know real-estate agent in the greater San Diego area. Ryan has spent years helping low-income families get the assistance they need to buy and rent homes. Ryan is an expert at providing direction to those who need help with down payments and low-income mortgages. 
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Barbara A.

Barbara has years of experience work with Housing Authorities. Barbara knows what rental assistance programs are right for people in all kinds of situations. Barbara sees the common mistakes people often make when applying for rental and housing assistance and writes step by step guides to help people get approved for the benefit programs they need. 
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Silver I.

Silver is an experienced researcher and content writer. She adds value to our readers by researching a variety of assistant program policies and providing up-to-date instructions on how to apply. Silver contacts benefit programs of all types and shares her experience with our readers through her articles.