Transferring a Section 8 Voucher to Another State

Moving to another state for a fresh start can be an exciting time for you and your family. It’s the time when you start anew and have the opportunity to create long-lasting memories in a new place. It can also be stressful. If you are a Section 8 voucher holder and would like to move […]

Assisted Living Waiver

Losing independence is one of the biggest fears people have as they age. Most people would want to stay in their houses, but the reality is most of them need help with daily living activities. Fortunately, there is a way you can get help but still stay at your house and be as independent as […]

Difference Between SNAP and WIC Programs

If you are a member of a low-income family, you know that putting food on the table can be difficult. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) are federally-funded programs meant to help families like you. Are WIC and SNAP the Same Thing? While […]

10 Common Types of Housing in the U.S.

Having your own place has always been a part of the American Dream, but with all the different types and styles of houses out there, which one do you choose? You might consider factors such as the location of the house, design, convenience, cost, and sustainability. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, check […]

Landlord and Tenant Rental Housing Rights

Landlord and tenant rights, laws, and legal relationships are put in place in every state to curb the rental disputes that occur between property owners and their tenants. These laws are available at the state and federal levels of operation. Both parties, that is, the landlord and tenant, should endeavor to know their rights as […]

How To Become A Section 8 Landlord

Being a landlord means so much more than just owning properties and possibly renting them out. The property business comes with a lot of responsibilities and equal risks. Landlords who are usually familiar with the responsibilities of running a rented property often realize it is not just about making profits but also about assisting people […]

Section 811 Housing Assistance for Disabled

Section 811 provides affordable housing for those with Disabilities. The program can assist you by subsidizing your payments to the amount you can afford to pay. The subsidized rent amount is either Who Qualifies for The Section 811 Housing? Basic Requirements Any household with at least one person with a disability. Disability includes physical and […]

How Will the American Rescue Plan Help Low-income Families?

Wondering how the ‘American Rescue Plan Act’ will save economic stability after the pandemic? This is where the American Rescue Plan Act (2021), signed recently by President Joe Biden, plays its role in helping low-income renters and households who find it difficult to pay their rents, afford utilities and meet the their basic needs. From […]

2021 Child Tax Credit Payments – FAQs

New Increase in Child Tax Credit Payments As revealed by the Biden administration, around 39 million families will receive monthly child tax credit payments this year. The advance payments are going to start from July 15. The IRS is sending out these payments with the hope to overcome issues related to child poverty. For the […]